470 short pass filter

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Short pass filters are available in a range of optical densities. Higher optical densities offer increased blocking capability. For example, OD 4 short pass filters offer more superior blocking with maximized transmission than OD3.And our short pass filters feature hard coatings for increased durability, while offering high performance for use in fluorescence applications or as spectral beamsplitters.

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Parameter 470nm Low Pass Filter
CWL 470±10nm
Peoduct size custom (Square of round)
Transmission wavelength 350nm-460nm
Optical density >OD2-OD6
Product material K9,BK7,B270,D263T
Surface quality 60-40,40-20

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1. The product size and shape can be customized per requirements.

2. The price will be different for different products size and quantity.

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