650nm narrow bandpass filter

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IRCF is referred to as the infrared cut-off filter, like OLPF, if four words corresponding to English can remember is very easy to get its meaning: Infra-Red (infrared) Cut (as) Filter (filter), referred to as IRCF. The infrared cut-off filter is the use of precision optical coating technology, optical film plating on the high and low refractive index alternating on optical substrate, the visible light region (400nm—630nm) of high permeability, near infrared (700 1100nm) optical filter cutoff, mainly used in the field of mobile phone camera camera head, built-in camera, computer camera digital imaging, to eliminate the effect of infrared imaging CCD/CMOS.
By adding infrared cut-off filter in the imaging system, blocking the part of the interference imaging quality of infrared light, can make the image more in line with the best feeling of the human eye.

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Product name BP650nm Filter
CWL 650±3nm
Transmittance T>90%@650±2nm
FWHM 25±3nm
Cut off wavelength 350-1100nm
Blocking OD2-OD6@350-1100nm

Infrared cut-off filter band

520nm, 580nm, 600nm, 620nm, 630nm, 640nm, 650nm, 670nm, 680nm, 700nm, 710nm, 735nm, etc. can be customized according to customer needs cut-off area.


1.License Plate Recognition
3.Medical Surveillance and Nursing
4.Automobile testing and maintenance equipment
5.Portable computer phones such as Bluetooth transmission
6.Intelligent lighting
7.Intelligent vacuum cleaners, household appliances
8.Infrared ink recognition

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