LP 470nm filter

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Filter Type : Longpass Filter
Coating Type: Hard film Coated
AOI : 0°±5°
Central wavelength : 470nm±3nm
Cut off wavelength : 200nm~460nm
Cut off rate : <0.05%
Passing wavelength :480nm~1100nm
Tran :>95%
Scratch-Dig : 60/40
Row material : Fused Silica,B270,Float Glass,or other optical glass


Plated with hard, long service life,
Wavelength accuracy
Ion plating, low temperature drift
High penetration rate,
High cut-off depth

LP470 filter passes most visible and near-IR wavelengths of light. Used with monochrome cameras to aid in increasing contrast and resolution by blocking UV and shorter deep blue wavelengths.

Longpass filters are commonly used to isolate regions of a broad spectrum. The role of this type of filter is to transmit energy over a specified band at wavelengths longer than the cut-on wavelength, and to block the transmittance of energy at wavelengths shorter than the cut-on wavelength. In addition, longpass filters are useful for custom bandpass filtering by using with shortpass filters. Asahi Spectra offers a wide variety of longpass filters in the broad wavelength range: ultraviolet, visible, or infrared wavelengths.

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