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OLPF can return the image to the true color the same as the human eye see.

The wide-angle effect of blue glass IR-CUT is more than ordinary.It has high precision, and can remove ghost images on a digital camera of the photo .It mainly used in 8 million pixels camera of high-end mobile phone.
The blue glass has the super thin of 0.21mm and used in the smart phone.

The blue glass has also the two functions:
① Cutting for Infrared rays (Wavelength from 700nm~1100nm);
② Chromatic Aberration Compensation (Wavelength from 400nm~700nm).


Ⅰ Optical Requirement:
① Center Wave length : can be 600nm~645nm,depends on customer requirement.
② It can be similar to the character of CCD/CMOS Image.
③ Infrared:Good transmittance in 700nm~1100nm.
④ reflective ratio:no special requirement.
Ⅱ Surface processing:
  1)Dual side polishing.
①Dig: ≤20um; scratch: no (inspection under the 40 lux light lamp).
②Squareness: 90 ° ± 30 '
③Bevel Edges: 16 c≤0.20 mm
④ Flatness requirement :< 3Nr
⑤Chipping: 0.1 mm 
⑥ the reliability test:the polishing plate is no abnormalities under the condition that the high temperature of 60℃
and the humidity of 90% at 1000 hours .
  2)Dual side AR Coating.
Ⅲ Thickness:
0.21mm~1.2mm,Tolerance:+/- 0.01mm.
Ⅳ Diameter& Size:
①Square Size:
Length 3.0~70.0mm,Width3.0~33.0mm,
Tolerance:+/- 0.1mm.
②Round Size:
Standard Size∮2.0mm~∮12.5mm,Tolerance+/- 0.1mm.
The spectrum as follows,

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